Belinda Underhill – Biography

Binnie Underhill née Perkins

From refuge to self-expression

Belinda UnderhillBelinda Underhill's painting and, more recently, sculpture is largely a narrative of a personal journey, reflecting the deep and sometimes difficult experiences in her life, as well as all the joyful love, children and friendship. Difficult times would often be reflected by a smaller number of works.

Early work reflecting life in New Mexico with strong abstracted shapes from the landscape, sometimes referencing natural features that at the same time convey sexuality. Some of the pieces of this time perhaps capture the complexity of not only the extraordinary power and stimulation of marriage but also being dominated by the overwhelming influence of her partner.

In the period following her husband's death and finding new and a thoroughly supporting love, Binnie's output increased and subject matter broadened. In work that follows it is clear that there is new freedom and an ease that allows fearless exploration of themes not previously examined. Gradually the abstracts are transformed into more figurative work with strong narratives that at times exorcise the difficult past and at others celebrate the more joyful elements of it.

If one could make a simple summary of such a complex body of work it might go along the lines of art being a refuge for a very long time, transforming into art as the prime means of self expression.

Philip Griffiths 2009

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